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Originally Posted by RambleJ View Post
You have to take the author of this document into consideration. BMW is not going to go out and create a document informing the world that the N55 is not as good of an engine as the N54. So ofcourse its going to be filled with little info here and there showing the benefits of parts. Like weight savings. . But some of those weight savings weakens those part of the engine.

I have an N55 and had 3 N54's. The N54 is a stronger engine and has more durable internals, that is a well known fact.
That is 100% not true at all. The N54 never used forged pistons/rods like some of the rumors you see on the forums. It is not stronger then an N55

Stock vs stock the N55 is hands down a better engine. From the aftermarket standpoint it does not make as much power vs the N54 due to Turbo limitations.