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Originally Posted by Catfish454 View Post
Yep. Other things such as:

* You have to set the driving mode every time you start the car. I drive mine in the "Sport" mode almost all of the time, but I have to switch into that mode from the default "Comfort" mode every time I start the car.

* You have to manually turn off the Auto Start/Stop feature every time you start the car. I leave mine off almost always, figuring the few gallons of gas it saves will not come close to the cost of replacing the starter once it's out of warranty. Why can't I simply turn it off and it stays off? All of that constant starting can't be good for the starter.

* You can't read the Heads-Up display wearing polarized sunglasses. VERY annoying.

Who else wants to chime in on what bugs them the most?
My doors unlock automatically on engine stop. And my auto start stop I had changed by the dealer to remember the last setting. Diving mode is less of an issue for me because of the M1 and M2 buttons on the M5.
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