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AR Design catless downpipe initial impression

Hey guys,

After spending the last two years of ownership of the F10 doing purely cosmetic mods I felt if was time to start doing some performance mods.

I recently had the opportunity to work with Terry at BMS to test out the new JB4 Stage 2 tune. With the stage 2 tune Terry was able to eliminate the CEL with the added downpipe.
With the option I told myself it was time to add a downpipe and with a few companies already offering a downpipe for the F10 I choose to go with the best and that being said
I reached out to Andrew at AR Design to see if they would be releasing a downpipe for the F10 N55 motor and within a month I had one of the first AR Design downpipes at my door.

First thing I did was I called EAS to do some dyno runs with the car and JB4 tune alone because I wanted to see what the difference were with and without the downpipe. I have to say with just the JB4 tune the car felt better more responsive with quicker accelerations. My initial thought was the downpipe was just going to make my exhaust sound a bit more raspy and loud which was what I was looking for anyways but boy was I wrong.

After installing the downpipe Steve from EAS put the car back on the dyno for a series of about 5 runs to see what this downpipe offered and after the first run Steve was very impressed and said he didn't expect the power this downpipe offered. I had a huge grin on my face just hearing that After a few more runs I was able to take the car home.


Like I mentioned above I've owned the car for over two years and the car was fun and all but after the install I can honestly say my car felt like a completely different animal.
I couldn't believe how much powerful the car felt and how when i stepped on the gas I car just took off. I really can't discribe it anyway other way but saying it felt like the motor was WIDE open.

Keep in mind I've only had the downpipe installed for about a few days now but this is one of the best mods I've done so far. I'm going to enjoy driving my car a lot more now!!!

I'll keep you guys posted with further updates and thought as I go.

Here's a snapshot of the dyno figures with and without the downpipe but with the JB4 tune.

The downpipe can be ordered here with the link below.