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Originally Posted by Chuck W. View Post
BimmerTech.... Nice job and good luck with the sales.

All.... Their web site show just over $2K for the unit and fees. I am not sure what it would take to install this, if coding is required and if the odometer would need to be changed to match your miles or is the car would automatically do it for you. And, if your car is under warranty how would BMWNA treat this mod?

IMHO, that is a fair price for a mod like this if you want it. Just some additional questions need to be answered.
i had the same questions so this is what patryk wrote to me:
* it is a 5 min job to change the units
* it would need some coding that patryk could do remotely
* the mileage will be identical to the your original unit
* you can swap units and the units will always show the correct mileage
* you need to swap the units before you go to your dealer for a service that requires a software update

hope i provided the right info here.