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Originally Posted by mjr24 View Post
Yeah, I think you will see the CLS be in the high 50's this summer....with not real high miles.

LCI F10 might be something to think about for sure.....however, wouldn't you think that would be the 2015 model?

E60 was 2004-2010....LCI was in 4 model years before LCI was done.

I'm not sure if BMW will consider the 2010 550i GT as being the start of the 4 year period for the F10 sedans since there were none in 2010. I would think 2011 would technically be the first year for the sedan.....2015-2017 for LCI.
i have both 13 550xi and a 12 cls63. both two different animals even outside of their engines and suspension. Its probably best to compare the cls550 with the 650 gran coupe as both are only 4 seater coupe type bodys. The 550 is more comparable to a e550 with the headroom and interior space. E vs 5 IMO there is no comparo. The 5 has a better ride, better interior, better technology, and I think has a smoother sexier look as opposed to the edgier more rigid E. BTW no way you're getting a CLS550 in the 50's anytime soon. The new CLS came out in '12 and used low mileage you're still looking in the mid 80's. The '12 550xi's are in the mid 50's with low mileage and the CLS550 is about 10-15k more than that depending on options. If you're looking to spend mid 50's then look at the 5 or an other model CLS.

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