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Originally Posted by Ben Lee View Post

I just trade-in my E60 for a new 2012 528i which will be delivered this weekend.

Is there any aspects which are common to this model that I should pay particular attention to check on when taking delivery?

Also, some "might be silly" questions :

This car comes with 10.2" screen with build-in GPS with "advance navigation system". During the test drive, I recall the GPS was on and there was this computer voice from the dashboard telling me to turn left / turn right, go straight, beware traffic light ahead etc.. which gets quite irritating after a while. Can the GPS voice be turn off and simply show the map and my car position on the screen? I presume it can be done but the sales guy couldn't quite figure it out how during the test drive and could only turn the GPS completely on or off.

The car comes with key-less drive function similar to my existing BMW X3. The keys even look identical. Both cars will be parked next to each other at my parking lot. Any chance that a coding / programming or transmission error will cause the two cars to be confused and respond simultaneously, for example, opening the door with one key remote will automatically open the car doors for both cars?

Thanks in advance.
In answer to your questions above;

Nav -Yes voice can be turned off. On left hand side of screen there is a little speaker. Highlight it and click it. You'll figure it out.

Keys - Yes, silly question. If your worried about two cars getting confused, imagine what it'd be like if that happened at the dealership.