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Originally Posted by Catfish454 View Post
It's not trivial to me. It's a royal PITA!
I rest my case. Most folks would find a work-around that is acceptable to them. But you choose to yell about it here. That's a PITA to me. To each his own! (But I'm happy for you that you've found a dealer who seems to be willing to work this out. It would be interesting for the rest of us to know just how much responsibility the dealer is willing to take for coding the car to a non-spec condition. I'm not talking about the Auto Start/Stop -- that's now official. But there is undoubtedly a reason (probably having to do with risk of legal liability) why the doors don't unlock automatically when you stop the car. The first time a toddler tumbles out into traffic, or a carjacker climbs aboard, there's likely to be a lawsuit over this. Will you sign a waiver and release?)