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Originally Posted by Boulder Bill View Post
The all seasons will work I suppose, but I see it as kind of the worst of both worlds. You lose the performance of the summer tires and larger wheels AND you lose the superior performance of winter wheels equipped with snow tires. An extra set of wheels/tires is not that expensive (and all your rubber lasts longer) and the cost to change them out twice a year is insignificant. November to March, I run the winter wheels. In October and April, I sometimes don't run at all.

Just my $.02.
I do the same. My thought process is that each set wears at the same rate a single set would. Also, I believe the straight summers will perform much better in the non-winter season, and bespoke winters have a lot more stopping capability.

Lastly, this gives my wife something to bitch about when I'm taking up more room in the barn and spending time and money on my mistress.