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Originally Posted by Boulder Bill View Post
The all seasons will work I suppose, but I see it as kind of the worst of both worlds. You lose the performance of the summer tires and larger wheels AND you lose the superior performance of winter wheels equipped with snow tires. An extra set of wheels/tires is not that expensive (and all your rubber lasts longer) and the cost to change them out twice a year is insignificant. November to March, I run the winter wheels. In October and April, I sometimes don't run at all.

Just my $.02.
Well, 90% of owners here in the northeast disagree with you. For every 10 BMW here, 9 are X-drives. The convenience of all season out weights the performance disadvantage for most BMW owners, unless you track your car. The cost of the rims, snow tires and the cost of mounting 2 times a years is a big turn off for most people. In a 4 year period, we are talking about $2000 or so. That happens to be about the cost of the AWD and you get half of that $2000 back when you trade in your X-drive after 4 years.
AWD is not only for snow, its handle rain stroms and puddles better than RWD as well. AWD also provide more traction off the line and thru high speed turns.
I have owned AWD with all season and RWD cars with snow, they both have their advantage and disadvantages. RWD with snow will stop better in the snow, but AWD with all season climb hills better in the snow and accelarate better. With a RWD, if one gets the two rear wheel stuck, you are out of luck, with AWD, you still have the front wheels to pull get you out of trouble. AWD with snow would be ideal.
In citys with mild winters, somedays it snows and the next it can be up to 50 degrees F. If you are caught with snow tires in warm weather or summer tires in cold weather, it is worst than driving with all seasons.