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Originally Posted by Boulder Bill View Post
The all seasons will work I suppose, but I see it as kind of the worst of both worlds. You lose the performance of the summer tires and larger wheels AND you lose the superior performance of winter wheels equipped with snow tires. An extra set of wheels/tires is not that expensive (and all your rubber lasts longer) and the cost to change them out twice a year is insignificant. November to March, I run the winter wheels. In October and April, I sometimes don't run at all.

Just my $.02.
Similar view here, I see All Season tires as "the jack of all trades, master of none", so compromised for most of the year.

I can see the idea of xDrive and All Seasons being attractive, but a compromised BMW from my perspective. Then there is the weight penalty, something like an extra 75kgs over the front wheels and the increase in fuel consumption.

I'm not sure I'd want all those compromises in a BMW, when for most of the driving xDrive is not really necessary, or a clear advantage.

Happy with RWD and summer/winter tires here in the Highlands of Scotland. Not that we've had the xDrive choice in the UK, unless using X-series models. The new F30 320i xDrive is our first sedan for many years with xDrive option.