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ios6 Beta 4 and BMW Idrive UPD01006 - No joy

BMW has recently released a new version for ConnectedDrive – version 1006. Last night I upgraded my car (F10 525d 2011) and made a shot with Ios6 beta 4. No improvements for emails or messages I am afraid, but one change for the worst! “Sender Unknown” is back again.

Short summary of what is still not working:

1. Emails don’t get pushed over from Iphone to Idrive unless you completely shut down the email app on Iphone and restart it again (or change number of shown messages in Notifications)

2. Emails still show up as messages instead of emails on Idrive

3. “Sender Unknown” on messages and emails

4. A read message or email on Idrive is not always marked as “read” (opened envelop)

This is getting embarrassing. How hard can it be to get this basic function working?

We are still talking about a not very sophisticated implementation of this function. Compared to what BMW and BlackBerry is performing, the things Apple is struggling to get working is stone age in my opinion.

This is what I am dreaming of:

- You slip in to your nice BMW with your Iphone in your pocket

- On the Idrive display, you get your calendar, emails, messages, contacts and todo:s

- Concerning messages and emails: you also get the existing messages on the phone displayed, not only the ones received after connecting to Idrive. How many of the last received messages that are displayed on the Idrive screen is of course set by the user in the phone settings

- You can now go through and catch up on all your emails and text messages that you haven’t had time to read before

But of course, this is a utopia – and probably will be for a very long time I am afraid.