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i found out the hard way that the multi contour seats are no longer provided with the M-Sport package... i was pretty much done with my paperwork when i sat in the car while they went to get approval... that's what i get for not going on a test drive, but i had driven one before... took another week, but they found one packaged the way i wanted... well, almost packaged the way i wanted, i gained the multi-contour seats but lost soft close doors. I figured i could close my doors a little harder for the next while, or sit on those ridiculously uncomfortable seats that feel like the ones in the 328 loaner cars for the next few years...
I was going to get soft-close doors because I did notice the little struggle with getting them close so my concern was that they would wear down as your random passengers sit in your car and they slam it when you can't remember to remind them everytime and since the doors are solid they can be slammed well. So not getting soft-close doors was a must for me which is why I didn't get it. You know I don't want to be scared and be soft on a car that I paid almost $65k on you know? I mentioned in another thread I created where a Merc s550 from the previous year had that feature and overtime when people slammed the door it became a pain just to get the soft-close to function because it was so weak.