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Originally Posted by mdrobc13 View Post
Ah urban..r u joking?
Eisennman. Race= $1900
H&R Springs= $225
Dinan Stage 1= $2450
Michellin Non Run Flats= $975
Other cosmetic mods (grille, reflectors, OEM spoler, diffuser)= $750 ish
Total mods=$6300

2012 BMW 550i sold 8/12=80,945 (discounted to $72945)
BMW discounts/incentives=$4500 off
BMW CCA rebate=$1000

2013 BMW M5=$100.975 similarly equipped as my 550i option wise(cheapest I've seen at my dealer was a stripped one for $95k)

So once again tell the the logic of how my extra $6300 would have put me in an F10 M5 under the same perameters? I could have had an M5 or M6 for that matter (none were avail at my dealerships back in Aug...he has 3 M5s now sitting free to purchase on the lot!) but I didn't want to spend that $$$ to BMW when the 550i properly "adjusted" is very close to the same car in performance which I use on a daily basis on legal streets! Now if I were tracking the car or I needed to have an M badge that's different BUT I've had 3 M cars already since 2006 and have two Porsches for track I really didn't see the need to blow an extra $30k on the at this time! Sorry but worked for me!

The M5 is a great car I just think if it is not your only car or daily/track car then other options such as the 550i may fit better at a better price point. What does BMW's website call the 550i 1/2 race car...1/2 sports sedan. Done correctly I am finding that to be quite true!
OK Boss. Enjoy your 1/2 race car...1/2 sports sedan...
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