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Sunroof problem encountered in cold weather

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to share this with you all, in case someone else comes across a similar situation.

Had a weekend ski trip to North Lake Tahoe / Reno, and was in colder weather climate (around 5 to 15 degree F) for a few days.

When we were loading the car up to drive back home, my wife wanted to close the sunroof cover, but pushed the sunroof button up (to tilt) instead of pushing it forward. I guess something must have been frozen or ... , it didn't work and she had started to push the button forward, back, etc. to get it to work, but to no avail.

When I got into the car, the sunroof was about an inch back, half tilted with its tail end lower than the roof (as if it had gotten stuck while trying to open).

I tried the button in every direction, but it would only make a couple of clicking sounds and no movement.

I tried re-initializing the sunroof and it wouldn't work either. (I just now did a search here and found a post that describes the re-initialization, in case anyone needs to know how: )

I gave up after a few tries, stopped by at a local hardware store and got some masking tape, covered the edges of sunroof with masking tape to take care of the wind noise, and drove 4 hours and got back home to 50+ degree weather.

After a few hours of the car being on the driveway at home, I decided to try one more time and took the masking tape off and pushed the button in for tilt position, and the moonroof started to work. I re-initialized it and it seems to be working fine now.

Perhaps something was frozen in the mechanism and got stuck, not sure.

Here I attached a quick picture of the taped-up sunroof, just for giggles.
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