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More questions on dynamic driving/handling/whatever

I'm loving the 5-er GT, and really have a hankering to buy one for myself. If I did, I'd almost certainly do a special order, to get it just the way I want it--that's how I've bought my 3 other Bimmers so far.

The GT that my local dealer had, and I test drove, did not have any of the dynamic handling/driving/whatever options, and it drove wonderfully, so I'm surprised that it can get much better. But I've searched and read the reviews I've found here on those options, and do understand that you guys are seriously recommending them.

My question, though, comes because the details of these options are somewhat unclear and confusing. Current models allow you to add "Dynamic Damper Control" as a $1,000 stand-alone option, which "adjusts the dampening characteristics to suit the driving conditions and road quality." Then there's a $3,500 "Dynamic Handling Package" that includes the Dynamic Damper Control, and "Adaptive Ride". Some sources also say that this Dynamic Handling Package also includes "Active Roll Stabilization". To complicate things, in at least one place, I've also seen talking of "Dynamic Driving", and another ala carte item available is "Integral Active Steering" for $1,750.

So that's where it gets muddy, and it would help if any light could be shed on any of these features separately, to figure out what's what, and what the value added is. Those that have advocated for these options, are you talking about any one of them in particular? Would you say that the $1,000 DDC option is what's needed, or is it really worth the additional $2,500 to go for the whole package? I don't think I have the means to just add on every option, just because it's offered.

So what does each of those individual systems do by themselves? Are each of them worth it? Do you really need to get ALL of them?

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