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Originally Posted by ManiacGT View Post
So what you're saying is, the guy behind you, travelling at speed in another car, backed off frantically after he heard, from your car, a beep from above your head?

It is more likely that the beep was either unrelated or for some reason your rear PDC sounded. His braking is nothing to do with your car, its to do with the fact he slammed on the brakes too late.

How would a loud beep help in any event? A momentary bleep to allow you to kiss your ass goodbye? lol
Actually no... the beeping was in my car and only I would be able to hear it...
I suspect he backed off quickly either because he suddenly realised how fast he had gone behind me when he saw my bumper in his face... OR there may have been some automatic brake lights flashing on my car that triggered his sudden reaction...

The momentary beep could actually brace you for whiplash, or attempt avoidance tactics to get out his way
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