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Squeaking Brakes - HELP!

I know this has been brought up many times before and I've searched but couldn't find the same problem I'm having.

If my car sits with the e-brake on (which I have to since it's manual transmission) for a certain length of time (say one hour) - I'll begin to drive, and as I apply the brakes the first 2-3 times there's a very loud annoying squeaking noise. This only happens in the morning as I leave my garage for work or in the evening as I leave work. After the initial 2-3 times of braking the squeaking goes away if I apply the brakes.

I have a 2011 F10 535i M-Sport Manual transmission rear wheel drive. Rear brakes were changed at 13k mile, but I've been having this problem since about 12k miles.

I've taken my car to the dealership and they keep saying it's brake dust (of course).

Does this sound like brake dust or something else?