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they have put a windshield on that distorts my HUD and my HUD is literally invisible during daylight or bright lights... the dealership claims that this is indeed the correct windshield, even though another dealership has verified that it is NOT... i've been getting the run around for over 2 weeks now, ranging from "it's the shops fault not the dealerships problem" to "we made a mistake we will get you the right glass" to now again, "according to BMWNA it is the correct glass and all this could have been avoided if you had the work done at the dealership... there is most likely an issue with the rain sensor install which is causing the HUD to not function properly..."

i've literally spent countless days trying to sort through this with just about the most hideous customer service i have ever received for anything in my entire life... the kicker to all this is, i drove my new car to visit family for the holidays and so i'm not even back home, and don't want to take my car back, especially with the dealership flip flopping back and forth between accepting responsibility to not accepting responsibility... i'm so glad i did not take their offer to drive back home and they would reimburse me to have the work done elsewhere, i think they just wanted me to leave so they can wash their hands of the problem...