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Originally Posted by OzDriver View Post
The HUD reflects on both the inner and outer layer of the windshield to give a sharp composite view. Two possible problems in your case:

If the windshield is the wrong one it won't have the correct reflective surfaces, and all you will see is a poor (low intensity) reflection of the display on the HUD emitter in the dash.

If the windshield isn't exactly the same distance from the emitter (this could be because the shape of the glass isn't the same, or even just a thicker layer of adhesive) the display will be out of focus. If this is the case, they can re-focus the emitter to get a sharper display.
this makes a lot more sense... as opposed to what i have been hearing... i would so much rather it just be a problem with the emitter refocusing, BUT here are my two concerns...

1 - i can only see it at night
2 - at another dealership, they brought out an almost identical brand new 535 to demonstrate the sound difference between the two windshields... they had me knock on both of them and their F10 sounded much "thicker"...