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Originally Posted by Mbbrewer View Post
Very nice looking mods. Could you tell me more about the exhaust? Is it an axel back? How is the sound? Any drone at all? How much was it installed?
The exhaust I actually bought used from a member here. Magnaflow made it in house @ their facility for the customer with the quad tips (they do not sell it like this) It is a full catback, not an axle back. There is a slight drone around 2500 RPMs at part throttle. Install I did myself as I have my own shop and work for BMW Sound is very nice, has a deep tone to it, its not very loud at all. Debating on doing a catless DP but I had that setup on my E90 with an AA catback, sounded great but the noise got annoying after a while. Man I am getting old lol

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I've seen several threads in which the grille surrounds are painted the body color while the fins are left as-is but this has usually been on darker color cars. Did you consider having your grille surrounds painted AW?
Ive seen a few like you have mentioned. I really do not prefer that look. I like the all black look, to me it looks cleaner