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Originally Posted by EdwinF10
Originally Posted by TheIrishMan View Post
I think perhaps a software update to allow it to be controlled from the front iDrive shoule be possible but let's see at the moment I just get the message that the rear DVD can not be viewd on the front iDrive.
To control the DVD menu, I have to stop the car, get out of the car, open a rear door and control the system with the remote.

Hmmm, not sure i understand. My kids have no problem with DVD in rear. The 6 DVD changer can be played on front and back screens.

My kids had no problem figuring it out. But, you can control it from the front if car is in park.

DVD is awesome and I totally recommend it. Yes, the UI is quirky, but no quirkier than the rest of idrive.

BMW ain't gonna let you control a function from the front like this while the car is in motion. No way no how. Plus, a car with rear entertainment is likely going to have kids, so BMW is not going to let you wipe out your kids while you are distracted fiddling with the rear DVD from the front while in motion.