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Originally Posted by ManiacGT View Post
Thanks for all the feedback guys, I'm still really stuck decision wise. I don't want the extra expense of the 530D albeit I'm sure I'd enjoy the drive. This is a 'sensible' option. The e89 35i was my mad option. I still love this car, but keep looking forward and thinking (as I'm 42 now) as I approach my mid 40's do I still want to be thrown around in a roadster, or have a bit of comfort... I feel proper grandad/pipe and slippers when I read that back!
Been there, done that!

Similar age, thought the same about my audi TT. Changed recently to the 520d, although not the efficient dynamics.

8 speed sport Transmission is brilliant and I guess it makes the 184 HP engine quite acceptable and pleasant. Comfort and interior atmosphere are above average.

Dont regret the decision ond bit, on the opposite...would not spend the extra cash to upgrade to a 525d, 530d or 535d, unless I really had a huge pile of money to spend on a car, of course.

If you miss the sporty drive, just by an insanely cheap a fun to drive mazda miata! Heard that together with a LSD (limited slip diff, not the chemical, of course) it can be quite amusing.


P.S. The ED version has same limitations. Not sure if you could have the sport ZF8 transmission. Think seriously about going for the plain 520d, not the ED.