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Originally Posted by KoenG View Post
Ok, this I understand. Personally, I hope to find such a low milage pre-used 535i/530d like yours also within a few years with a serious discount. But when you compare new to new, the TCO is massively different while the superior experience is 90% in your head and only now and then on the road.
Sure, new to new will cost more in a 535i. UK figures (WhatCar magazine) seem to indicate about a 25% additional cost to run a (non optioned) 535i vs. 520d over 3-years/36,000 miles. I thought it would be higher, but the 520d isn't so far behind on purchase cost as we may first imagine.

It is difficult to put a value on the differences, other than outright performance, but there are tangible values in running a better engine, IMO. As an example, I just love the way the N55 engine works in the 5-series, very similar in delivery to my E39 540i 4.4 V8, so in a totally different league to a 520d 4-pot diesel. For me every mile therefore has additional value.

I drive about 8k miles per year in the 535i, so fuel isn't a big issue, About 50% more than if I was in a 520d, in my driving conditions. So about 500 more per year, (6ppm) in the big scheme of car running costs of about 1 per mile.

But I wouldn't have a 520d anyway if running a diesel, it would be a 530d, so fuel difference is even less.

If users are driving high mileage then the 520d makes so much sense, as fuel costs are a much larger % of running costs.

As I said in the previous post, I've capped my costs by buying nearly new. Allowed me into the car I really prefer, much bigger specification, and skipping over 20k of the depreciation hit.