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Originally Posted by Sluggoslinger
For you guys looking to get AC Schnitzer springs for your car, they have lost their distribution rights but will still take your money.

I ordered mine in mid november, was told i'd have them in two weeks. As you might see from my other posts, i keep saying that they are taking forever. Every time i check on them, the answer is they will be here "next week"...

Finally this weekend I saw a car on the schnitzers and another on on coilovers and said the hell with it, i'm just going the KWV3 route because these springs are never going to arrive anyway and cancel my order. CEC still doesn't even have the springs but claims they will be in "next week" (heard that before) so if i want to cancel, its a 20% restocking fee to "restock" something they don't have.

I'm not cheap, i've put close to $20K in the car and tipped the guys that did good work. Hell, i'll tip the guy that puts my coilovers on more than the restocking fee but this is just principal to me. If that is how you are trying to make your money, you're business model just doesn't work...
Yeah I was just quoted 3 weeks yesterday from them but grabbed a set from a forum member instead. No patience on my end

Have you swung by and given them a hard time? I would share your forum thread with them and I bet they would be responsive