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Originally Posted by rjm98119 View Post
Dude... door dents... I only drove my 2010 535 13K in 2.5 years, yet that car had more scrapes, scratches, and little dents than any car I've ever owned... and it was always while I was away from the car. I feel your pain. fortunately, I know a good scuff, bump, scrape artist who made me like new for ok price.

anyway... regarding your original 4K backfire observation:
I haven't noticed backfire, but I have had a stutter at high RPMs in the past couple of months with the JB4. Particularly if I'm going up hill, steadily pushing the accelerator, then goose it just a tiny bit around 3.5K, and once or twice it stumbled, smoothed out, then a big surge. This sounds a little different than yours, but may stem from same source.

To your point about Hartge.... I have to say, I sorta wish I'd shelled out the extra bux for the Hartge. I don't want to bash Burger, particularly when I don't know the 100% facts behind my car's behavior, but the JB4, while occasionally pretty cool... I dunno, something's not quite right, and the manner in which Burger puts out info and handles support is a little bit too much like amateur hour for my liking. (C'mon... firmware updates and docs via posts on the fricken "N54 Tech" forum? Seriously? Some things you have to actually troll through the damn forum to find, not even linked off their main page? ).

If I could have found more people with experience with Hartge, I probably would have... but I guess most people don't like being the lab mouse with their 60K+ cars .

<EDIT> I should add, I'm not necessarily griping about the behavior of the JB4 for F10, because I knew the deal when I bought it (it was "beta", they don't have ready access to an F10). My problem is with how they communicate info and the haphazard way all of their instructions/etc. come across. They're very responsive to email (hell, I just got a response on Sunday before New Years within 10 minutes). But still... there's a lack of continuity that gives me pause.

I might be blindly biased by perception of Hartge's price point, but my gut suggests they're more... "together" than Burger. </EDIT>
I'm not trying to be rude or condescending, but aren't you guys that are using the JB4 being lab rats anyway?

You hit the nail directly on the head when you said, "but I guess most people don't like being the lab mouse with their 60K+ cars ".

I've been trolling the threads all along regarding these various tune options (because I'm interested in a tune too) and following the buyer feedback and their experience. The more I read, and the more issues/problems that continue to arise, the more I keep thinking, "Wow these guys must have some really BIG balls (or deep pockets) to be experimenting with their engines this way".

It freaks me out even more when you add to it the "lack of support" issue. I mean, you have to send an email for help, guidance, questions or concerns?!?! And, what would happen if the tune damaged your engine? Send them an email? I just don't have the confidence that Burger is going to immediately step up and take care of you.

I understand the delimma though. Get your craving for a tune satisfied with a "quick fix" by accepting a less than desirable product immediately. Conversely, have patience and wait it out for a more reliable, proven and respected product like COBB or pay more now for a product like Hartge, etc.

Originally Posted by rjm98119 View Post
I might be blindly biased by perception of Hartge's price point, but my gut suggests they're more... "together" than Burger </EDIT>
A very reasonable point by observation alone. And, they have a phone number too!

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