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Originally Posted by Dom View Post
I find that the suspension seems to clatter a fair bit over the rough stuff. I have standard suspension (no VDC) and 17'' runflats. When I got the car I discovered that the tyres were over inflated so I let air out and adjusted them to the correct settings - 33 front and 36 rear. But I actually think it was less noisy with the higher pressure in the tyres, but that makes no sense! Any one else experience this?
It appears you are finding what I found on the rough stuff on standard suspension. The standard suspension is just not good enough and the rear can amplify some road imperfections. (Had that issue on my E91 330d). Your findings with the tyre pressure could well be right, many have found lowering pressure does not improve the ride quality, can make it worse. Commented on for many different models with RFTs. It can be the fact you increase the tyre spring rate (in some situations and frequencies) by riding more on the stiff sidewalls, rather than on the crown of the tyres where there is a bit more 'give', when the tyre is working, if you get the pressures just right.

Not convinced that something is loose, you mention the rear, the adjustments were for the front of faulty cars wth steering pull.