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Originally Posted by Dom View Post
Thank you for your reply. I only have the car a week so I can't comment re temperature. It was a bit better today when I had a couple of passengers in the rear. I thought that by sticking with the 17s I'd get the best ride - it seems I was wrong. I will try inflating the tyres tomorrow to the higher 'fully loaded' pressures and see how that goes. If it doesn't improve things I might look at non-runflats and a can of foam.
Is your car new?

BTW, besides the cars being wheel size sensitive for ride quality, I've found RFTs are very tyre pressure sensitive and you may need to experiment a bit, a couple of psi at a time, to get the best drive.

Having tried a few F10/11 models I came to the conclusion the cars needed at least VDC to improve the ride quality. I've also found in my E91 330d the ride quality on RFTs was far better with a loaded car, the suspension then worked in harmony, rather that what I've concluded are conflicts and amplification of imperfections on some surfaces.

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Tend to agree.