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Originally Posted by M535 View Post
can anyone post some pics how they remove the front mesh on the fog lights...the mesh on my 2013 mpackage seems fuse inside..where exactly are those pins to push to be push out off...thanks for any help.
Don't have any pics, but just changed to xenon match bulbs on my m-sport.

There are clips going round the sides of the mesh.
I found the best way, was to start pulling it carefully out from the bottom outer corner, and slowly work my way around pulling evenly on each clip.

Broke some of the clips on the first one, but was more carefull to feel for the resistance from the clips as I went forward on the other one. No damage to this one... On my car, there were plastic blinds behind the mesh. They "fall out" when you remove the mesh....

I used a "special tool", but it's just a 90degree hook with a handle really. So you can lurke it behind the mesh a pull where it's most rigid.
Remember, there's a clip on top of the foglight you need to loosen in addition to the to srews in front. You can reach it from the inside of the bumper.