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Originally Posted by primetime1
Originally Posted by Sluggoslinger View Post
Go stage 4, that's when it gets fun my biggest issue is traction now.
Sluggoslinger do you really think there is a big difference between stage 2 and 4?

What do you need to run stage 4? Exhaust and???
I would say the diff from stock to stage 2 was way more dramatic than to 3 or 4. With my current setup, the car is a beast. The power delivery is smooth through the whole range. I felt like with just stage 2 it really hit hard only in higher RPM's. if I'm pulling off the line slow and decide to hit it at 30 mph, it's whiplash fast. I don't feel like I got that with stage 2.

With the mods I've done, my car is night & day different from what I rolled out of the dealer with 10 weeks ago. All I have left to do is have the M5 sway bar installed and I'm done with my mods.
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