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Originally Posted by ManiacGT View Post
I'm not looking at a new car.. but an 8 month old 520D ED which is ex olympics use. Great spec, full nav, xenons etc, but concerned whether the '20' isn't special enough.. my e89 35i certainly is.
We have to start again I guess... the 520d is an epic car out there with the very best at a running cost that is even hard to beat by much smaller cars. I dare to say, for this money, there is NO better overall. It's not as performant nor refined as a 535i or 530d, this is also more than true, I guess everybody admits.

In my personal case, I prefer my 163hp 520d over my 231hp e39 530i, even when I isolate the engine/transmission, the e39 is a disgrace compared to the 2.0 diesel because of the pleasant and comfortable torque and low consumption combination. The edge the 530i brings is only apparent above 4000rpm, while it consumes barrels of premium gasoline! So, rather never in normal driving conditions (ps, F10 535i/530d are of course much better than the 530i I refer to).

The 520d is not exclusive, you'll see it on every road in your country, just because it is this good. Is this reducing your sentiment of driving something special??? For me, I feel "special" just because it is a wise and intelligent car, delivering on all levels.

To state bluntly: I would have a problem being seen in an M5, but everybody may see me shine in my 520d. The former is an egocentric and idiosyncratic car designed around your own pleasure, the latter is a social and economical adjusted and wise car caring for the environment and social climat we are living in. On top it is a choice of a social man, which is also a positive differentiator, because it has rear seat taking his friends or family out! Even A Z4 M with 4 trillion hp doesn't have this on offer I guess?