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Originally Posted by KoenG View Post
We have to start again I guess... the 520d is an epic car out there with the very best at a running cost that is even hard to beat by much smaller cars. I dare to say, for this money, there is NO better overall. It's not as performant nor refined as a 535i or 530d, this is also more than true, I guess everybody admits.


To state bluntly: I would have a problem being seen in an M5, but everybody may see me shine in my 520d. The former is an egocentric and idiosyncratic car designed around your own pleasure, the latter is a social and economical adjusted and wise car caring for the environment and social climat we are living in. On top it is a choice of a social man, which is also a positive differentiator, because it has rear seat taking his friends or family out! Even A Z4 M with 4 trillion hp doesn't have this on offer I guess?
Totally agree on the first point, have said it before, the 520d is probably the best value BMW, also reflecting BMW at its finest.

Just be a bit careful on the environmental stance, that can get so skewed and not reflect the true picture.

No car really has any evironmental credentials, plus no one really needs a BMW, let alone a 5-series.

The guy who has the M5 and drives less than 10k miles a year may be 'deliberately' limiting his car use, can be much more environmentally aware than the 520d driver who uses his car for 30 - 40k miles a year because he/she 'likes' to live miles away from his/her work.

We all can excuse our decisions, set our own limits on what we justify is acceptable. Low (on paper) CO2 ratings, ED features all helps users to think they are environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

I was challenged when running my 540i V8 for 'killing the planet', by whom? Guys driving 'economical' diesel cars, but these same guys were justifying driving 20k miles or more per year, when my V8 was using far less fuel a year than they were.

But we are entering a far bigger subject and going off topic.