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Originally Posted by ManiacGT View Post
All interesting arguments, and largely non emotional/sensible. Ownership of my Z4 is entirely emotional. No one buys this type of car for sensible use or reasons. ...and herein layeth the issue. Putting emotions to one side, the 520D ED makes lots of sense. However if I'm emotionless about the car, then I could buy something just as efficient, a lot cheaper, by another brand if all I wanted was sensible...

...I'm still chewing this over!
When emotion comes into it, the decision is much harder.

I made a conscious decision to be 'sensible' back in the late 90's, I decided best value at the time was a VW Passat B5 TDI. Did the job well but as a driving experience was without soul. Had two of them, first the saloon then the estate. But when my mileage dropped to sensible levels my next car was an E39 540i touring, massive smile back on my face again.

At change time I was going to be sensible again, 'downsize' but stay with BMW. Tried the E91 320d, all fine on paper, but would it make me grin from ear to ear when driving? No, did nothing for me, the 330d was in a different league. Hence the 330d for several years.

Why back in a 5-series and petrol once again? Simply the driving experience and the huge smile factor. I tried an F11 520d touring, thinking sensible may work once again. But to be honest, it did nothing for me, even tempted me to look at the competition again. Then the sensible F30/31 thinking.... but the 5-series was still winking at me.

Sensible and emotional needs in driving, don't often work together in my experience.