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Good morning all, a friend and I had a discussion last night over which is the fastest way to launch a 550i. Myself, being the owner of a 2011 F10 550 and a frequent observer of these boards think that Sport + which disengages traction control is the quickest way to launch the car. He feels that that totally goes against the purpose of traction control and that the fastest launch would have to have traction control engaged.

Could someone please verify this w/o me having to go out with a stop watch to a lonely road... Which honestly would probably be more fun.

Car is rear wheel drive, no X Drive and has the M Sport package and no performance upgrades yet... Thanks
It depends on how skilled you are at controlling the throttle with your right foot. DTC/DSC work by cutting fuel and pulling timing to the engine to reduce power going to the wheels when they start to spin. This takes some time to recover from when you regain traction and will slow you down. If you can manage the throttle input to where you're just reaching the point of losing traction without excessive wheel spin you will have a faster launch with it off. This is especially important for non-xdrive cars like ours!

Sounds like your friend may be thinking of launch control, not stability/traction control like we have on the 550. Similar concepts but different implementations.