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Originally Posted by The X Men View Post
BMW was a nitch car back then, now they are going main stream.
Add to that the 5-series is now a smaller 7-series, by design (platform) and size, so IMO suits the market segment even better.

BTW, for those with negative comments on the steering, what do you actually want from the steering? The five is no track car and sits in the Executive class in Europe. Does the typical business executive driver really want to feel that much road? I sense from lots of comments here in the UK that precision, weighting are what mainstream drivers want, more than too much road feel which can of course have a negative side, and be too in your face.

I've an F11 M-sport with SAT and Adaptive Drive and to be honest I find the steering totally suited to the car. BTW, I'm no first time BMW driver, I go back to the first 5-series an E12 528, so have grown along with BMW and the 3 and 5-series cars.

Personally I drive on surfaces that are, shall I say, 'challenging' for ride quality, so pleased BMW have at last tamed the ride and steering to work with run-flats, without having to fight them. I find it difficult to see how we get more genuine steering feedback, while driving on run-flats, without getting negative steering influences. IMO, has been the weakness in all RFT shod BMW cars.

Pehaps we should define steering feel/feedback, and how we decide what is right for the 5-series to please the masses. I sense BMW may have pitched the steering feel pretty much where most will be happy. It may improve in time as development continues, but coming from an R&D backgound, that last few percent takes the biggest part of development time and resources.