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Originally Posted by Gray_Panther View Post
Problem is that there is still debris on the paint. Driving off will cause the remnant water to slide off. While it is sliding off it will trap debris/dirt and scratch. Swirls will form.

Best way is a proper car wash method. Check out gilmour foam gun for a regular water hose. As I said before invest in two buckets and grit guard and put some elbow grease into your car. You are paying a grand to make it new. Why not put a little effort and some chump change to keep it that way.

Weeks worth of rain, yes ONR still does wonders. Do a panel at a time. Caked on dirt/salt, then rinse off thoroughly before ONR or using a foam gun.
I reread my post and I forgot to include that after I wash the car with a mild carwash soap, then use the deionized water to rinse off the washed area.

By no means did I plan to just rinse off the dirty car with deionized water and leave it at that.