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M550dX Front Sway Bar and some other related findings for 535/550

Had some free time today looking into what I could do to eliminate some more body on my 535xi and then it hit me....Why not the M550dX sway bars if the M5 one doesn't fit Xdrive cars?

Aside from the M5 FSB the M550dX might be a safer bet since its also a AWD platform and looking up the part numbers the FSB part is different compared to the normal 550xi.

Few interesting tidbits that I found out from about the front sway bar (non DHP car)

535xi/550xi Standard suspension FSB part # - 31356795050
535xi/550xi EDC suspension part# - 31356853088
No 535xi/550xi Msport suspension listed.

535i RWD have 3 different part numbers
1) Standard suspension - 31356791924
2) EDC suspension - 31356786140
3) Msport suspension - 31356791925

550i RWD have 2 different part numbers
1) Standard suspension - 31356791924 (same as 535i)
2) EDC suspension - (No EDC specific FSB for 550i)
3) Msport suspension - 31356793395 (different from 535i)

M5 part # - 31352284460
M550dX # - 31356798565

Some key notes about my findings are:

*535i and 550i FSB are interchangeable
*535xi and 550xi are interchangeable
*FSB are indeed different if you have a non sports/msports/edc F10
compared to those who do have it. Might explain why some people
complain so much about the F10's handling while others don't.
*550xi and 535xi does not come with Msport FSB even if you have the
Msport package. Its either standard or EDC
*550i comes with standard FSB unless you have Msport. EDC option does
not get you EDC specific FSB like it does on the 535i for some reason.
*Another forum member already confirmed that the M5 FSB fits the 550i.
Since the 550i and 535i share the same standard FSB this also means the
M5 bar will fit the 535i

Now the part we all need to find out is:

Do the Xi FSB interchange with the RWD cars?
Is the M550dX bar an upgrade?

Hopefully someone else could chime in with more access to dealer parts system. I really want to either fit the M5 or M550dX front sway bar on my car but don't want to end up with a $300 paper weight if it doesn't fit my Xdrive car.


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