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Originally Posted by Tony_KB View Post
Hi really interested to hear how you are liking the exhaust, especially in daily use, how is it?
I had an m3 with dinan exhaust but after a while i got tired of the noise...
I was all over youtube searching for F10 exhausts and was surprised as there are almost no videos of the M performance exhaust installed on F10. I have kept E60 M5 and ML63 AMG and was never fond of non M or AMG drivers having race exhausts so for my 535i I was looking for something that would sound sporty but not extremely loud.

The M performance exhaust has a perfect deep tone which increases with the rpm. The exhaust pops and burbles when you rev and shift with a deep bassy tone. You will notice some noise inside the cabin when the car is cold and when you are driving in Normal/Comfort mode. When the car is warmed up or when you are driving in Sport mode, there is no cabin noise at all.

I initially planned that if I'll find the M performance exhaust to be too quiet then I will either remove cats or replace it but so far I am extremely satisfied with it. I was told by the dealer that the exhaust needs a break-in period and will get deeper after sometime. There was a 640i getting AC Schnitzer exhaust installed at the dealer and I found it to be too loud and no bass at all.

If you want quality exhaust sound with deep bass then you cannot go wrong with the M performance exhaust.

Originally Posted by hufington View Post
Are the tips made to stick out like this or you had it installed like that?
I requested the dealer to stick out the tips like this initially but since the tips are only secured using a single screw, sticking them out created alignment issues. I took the car to the dealer again and now the tips are aligned and not sticking out too much.

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