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Originally Posted by Amleto63
Originally Posted by Die Wolfe
Aint nothing wrong with a little gangsta one arm steering every now and's like saying "I never speed!" Lol

On a more mature note, 8 and 4 is the prescribed driving method in emergency vehicle operations for tactical movements. I just try to make it a habit of driving this way since its a tried and true method prescribed not only by civilian law enforcement but by the US Army.

*This method will allow a person of any height to see the speedometer when a HUD is not present.
We don't drive police cars or humvees.
I attended both safe and sport BMW driving classes and 9:15 is the rule
Whatever works for the individual...just contributing my experience. Either way, I don't think any of these are "the" way but "a" way to operate the vehicle. Driver skill is the biggest key factor.