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Originally Posted by jedpause View Post
Yes turned to red blob, centre face vents.... Full auto

18 deg C + it's just too hot...
Not surprised, you are hot faced.

Originally Posted by jedpause View Post
Yes have tried that, it does help a little, however tends not to be even temp....
Also you are not helping the CC to work softly in the background. It is modulating the face flow temperature to try and keep the balance, as you are working towards more extreme settings as you run lower cabin settings and dial in hot face vent temperatures.

You will probably find running a higher cabin temperature, say 20C, and setting the face thumbwheel more to the middle position, will give a more constant, but coolish flow. I run mine like that with low airflow intensity, (the lowest auto fan setting), regulating the face temperature to mood, and there are no comfort issues at all. Hardly necessary to touch the thumbwheel, unless there are seasonal temperature changes.

BTW, the face vent temperature is modulated on the warm up cycle to supply warmer air to the face vents, as the cabin heats up the face vents turn cooler to give you fresh air. That is normal in a BMW, always has been.

I've always found with BMW HVAC systems the less you mess with unusual settings, the better they perform.