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Originally Posted by mryakanisachoad
Fair point.

I guess I'm a little upset with BMW for even going there in the first place.

I'm not sure if it makes it better or worse that they're putting this on very expensive cars because it seems cheap-ish to me.

Like a carnival trick.
My last car was a v8, my current car is a diesel, I don't regret this, I like the diesel, that said the diesel car sounds like shit in comparison. No matter what intake or exhaust I were to spend thousands on this would always be the case. Now while I understand the negative attention active sound has attracted on an M car, because no speaker sound is an improvement over a well tuned authentic v8 or v10, I think its really narrow minded and just a case of haters bandwagoning when that same negativity is directed at the diesel models. I love my car, but if its a choice between listening to its droning & chattering engine or a simulated v8 then sign me up for the fake engine sound, who cares if its not real if it sounds better. Anyone who doesn't understand that obviously hasn't owned a diesel.