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Originally Posted by MikeGr View Post
the concept gives that impression, but after trying a car equipped with it one sees that it's very well made and it's not as obscene as you think it is.
i believe that technology is there to help us move forward and we can't consider each improvement made as a stain to the brand image.

for example i don't see too many people complaining that the nowadays sportscars are also comfortable to drive, if it were to remain truth to the classic sportscar image every time you passed a hole in the ground a wheel would fall off or you could strain your neck...
Have you ever driven in an M5 with active sound though? People get the misconception it is the loud terrible fake noise coming through your speakers, that is 100% not true. I have driven a few F10 M5s and it is barely noticeable and actually gives a nice accent to the sound inside the car. Its very very very minimal.

I have spoke to a few BMW US engineers and instructors about this. When they were in Germany doing some training, one of the BMW German engineers "rigged" it into a Z4 they told me. What was done to make it work I have no idea. The engineers also said, with the active sound disabled (module unplugged) the car sounded terrible inside (the M5)

The active sound feature is not an ebay device to make your car sound like something its not. Trust me its not what you think if you haven't heard it in person.