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Originally Posted by Alex.Devol View Post
My last car was a v8, my current car is a diesel, I don't regret this, I like the diesel, that said the diesel car sounds like shit in comparison. No matter what intake or exhaust I were to spend thousands on this would always be the case. Now while I understand the negative attention active sound has attracted on an M car, because no speaker sound is an improvement over a well tuned authentic v8 or v10, I think its really narrow minded and just a case of haters bandwagoning when that same negativity is directed at the diesel models. I love my car, but if its a choice between listening to its droning & chattering engine or a simulated v8 then sign me up for the fake engine sound, who cares if its not real if it sounds better. Anyone who doesn't understand that obviously hasn't owned a diesel.
Like most Americans, I've never owned a diesel, so you've got me there. I can't really empathize with your frustration but I guess what you wrote makes sense if I think about it.