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Originally Posted by mryakanisachoad View Post
I live in New York too. Brooklyn and Madhattan to be exact.

Remember 2 winters ago? I put a nice set of winter tires on my little 135 and was trucking around town like a boss.

I remember driving out to Morris County, NJ in a middle-of-the-night blizzard and plowing past all sorts of 4 wheel drive vehicles. Most likely those vehicles came equipped with the same shitty Goodyears we get as stock.
I sure do remember two winters ago. I was driving LIE east in a middle of that storm. Lincoln Town Cars were stuck on the right lane and whoever could was driving behind the city plow/salt trucks as they were plowing their way through.

I was in my S4 and the car handled great. Not sure what tires I had back then, but they definitely were stock, all-season tires.

You guys might be right it could be the tires. Still disappointing though especially that I lease cars and change them every 2-3 year I definitely do not plan on getting a set of winter tires for this car. 24 months from now this ride will be just a distant memory…
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