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Originally Posted by COBodom View Post
I sure do remember two winters ago. I was driving LIE east in a middle of that storm. Lincoln Town Cars were stuck on the right lane and whoever could was driving behind the city plow/salt trucks as they were plowing their way through.

I was in my S4 and the car handled great. Not sure what tires I had back then, but they definitely were stock, all-season tires.

You guys might be right it could be the tires. Still disappointing though especially that I lease cars and change them every 2-3 year I definitely do not plan on getting a set of winter tires for this car. 24 months from now this ride will be just a distant memory…
Good choice of a word: disappointing. It's exactly how I feel about the OEM tires.

It's like BMW does it on purpose just to mess with us. "Lets make the best car in the business and then ruin it with xxx tires!".