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Originally Posted by COBodom View Post
We got a bit of snow last night here in NY. I decided to take my 528xi for a spin and finally compare the xDrive against Quattro. What a big disappointment that was! Driving on local unplowed streets at 30/40 mph the car felt tail happy almost all the time. Driving on a highway felt very wobbly, the car did not feel planted on the road at all. Instead of going straight it felt like the car was trying to find its path on the road and was not able to. It was slightly swerving to the left and right all the time requiring manual corrections from me.

Not sure if we get more snow this winter to test it out a bit more, but so far this xDrive is a one big joke compared to Quattro. My previous Audis felt like they were on rails when I drove in snow (on all season tires). My 528xi definitely does not make me feel safe and confident while driving in snow.

Yes, I do have proper RFT pressure and no alignment issues.
My wife had the non runflat version of the Good Year Eagle LS on her Q5 Quattro, they were terrible in the snow. I think it has more to do with the tires than the AWD system. Although I do think the Quattro is a bit better than in the snow, but not by much. That is one of the main reason I had my dealer swap out the GY runflats to the Conti runflats when I bought my 535xi. The Conti is much better in the snow and less side wall bubble problems as well.