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Originally Posted by Amleto63 View Post
Have you compared the two cars fitted with same tyres set? If no, your test has no value
This is not a Car & Driver lab test we are talking here about. My point is that an average Joe (like myself) gets into a brand new 60k+ car and the car’s handling turns out to be a big disappointment compared to its major competitor.

Yes, I can change the tires and blow all that money on borrowed car, but that’s not the point here. I drive off the lot and I expect a vanilla xDrive setup to handle just like it is advertised; the same or better than vanilla Quattro. BMW fails miserably here. How about a disclaimer – “Yes, our ultimate driving machine will handle in snow like Audi or better, but here’s what you need to buy before you compare against a vanilla Quattro…..”.

Overall I do like the car and recognize its refinement.
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