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Originally Posted by COBodom
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Have you compared the two cars fitted with same tyres set? If no, your test has no value
This is not a Car & Driver lab test we are talking here about. My point is that an average Joe (like myself) gets into a brand new 60k+ car and the cars handling turns out to be a big disappointment compared to its major competitor.

Yes, I can change the tires and blow all that money on borrowed car, but thats not the point here. I drive off the lot and I expect a vanilla xDrive setup to handle just like it is advertised; the same or better than vanilla Quattro. BMW fails miserably here. How about a disclaimer Yes, our ultimate driving machine will handle in snow like Audi or better, but heres what you need to buy before you compare against a vanilla Quattro...

Overall I do like the car and recognize its refinement.
Sorry, but driving in winter requires proper tires expecially with performing and heavy cars like the F10. Try googling your issue and the answer will be the same
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