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Similar thing happened to my 2013 F10. I had the imprints look like water droplets. I think , due to the design of the hood, even when you traveling at 70 Mph , the water does not run off of the car. DBS600's car is certainly on a specific spots, so it is not like mine.

I am serious, guys, I have a video while i was driving on a rainy day. Water just clusters on the top half of the hood and does not move much and settles and bakes in sunlight after you park. (Happens in Florida). I think the sculpture design on the hood is a big contributor.

Solution, BMW offered that they will wet sand the factory paint on a 2 months old car.
I had no choice but getting it done. Now it is much better than how it was and no longer visible.

I just did not want my car to be resprayed.

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