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I too have just bought an ex Olympic car. Great spec and a very good deal. I've just done two long drives in the four days I've owned it. One from London to Norfolk and back. The second from London to Bruges. Say around 700 miles.

I've been driving a Volvo V70 2.4d which is mainly used for work and is great. That is 3 years old was bought from new and is also a manual.

My first impression was that it was a big car. Its only 6cm longer than the Volvo but has a longer wheelbase. The 520d initially felt underpowered, especially in town. On the motorway its a great cruiser and averages 50mpg or so. I get to 80 without hearing or noticing it. It defaults to ECOPRO. In town driving I use Sport mode to get away at roundabouts etc.

As others have said its a very good blend of comfort, performance and economy. The dealers won't move easily on price but if pushed will start to include things. Mine had done less than 1000 miles had vis, nav, and service pack (amongst other options).

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