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Originally Posted by smashhell View Post
Recently I been Fed up with waiting for Dinan to release a tune for F10 535i, along with feeling the need for more power, I decided to go with the JB4 stage 2 tune from Burger Motorsports.
From the Dyno Ive seen I figure this would be a slight barely noticeable improvement on the car, but Boy was I wrong! The tune blew my mind away! Completely off my head and into Outer space! I can not believe how an inexpensive little box could change the car so much.

- My biggest complaint against the F10 5 series was the throttle response. The car while smooth is very lazy on the throttle. There is a half second delay between stomping on the gas and the actually car moving. Sometimes you would even fall behind traffic because of it. This tune completely changed it. The car suddenly becomes a lot more responsive. At the lightest touch of gas, the car would start moving. It actually made the 535i felt like my F30 335i. Its as if the car lost 500 lbs!
- Installation was really easy. The installation really only took 5 minutes. Most of the cables are just plug and play. Some slots were a little hard to reach, but no big deal. People were complaining how the stage 2 has to tap in 2 wires. But Terry has included some nice little tool so it goes unnoticeable. (Props to Terry Burger who personally installed the tune for me )
- The price is perfect. Unlike the $3k to $4k 550i tune charge by Dinan. The Burger tune is only $529. For the improvement, this price is completely reasonable. Wouldnt mind paying twice as much to be honest.
- And of course, Power. According to the Burger Website, the N55 JB4 stage 2 tune gives +80HP and +100lb torque. Does it feel like it? You bet your ass it does! In Sports or Manual Shift, the car accelerates violently. At full throttle, the traction control would kick in every time. I cant even open it up around town now, because how fast it accelerates. It makes the car feel like a muscle car, like the car has 400HP! (At least my butt dyno tells me it does )

- There are one or two cons about the tune. One thing many people would be disappointed to hear is the Turbo Lag didnt go away. I guess its impossible to get rid of it since even the M5 have it. But it is minimized with the tune. You cant really feel it unless you stomp it full throttle suddenly.
- Burger is still working on adding some of the features to the tune, such as on dash map changing, etc. The only way to change the map now is to use a USB cable and Laptop, no biggie

So in the end, I would recommend the tune to all F10 535i owners. I would go to even say it is a must have. Even if you dont need the extra power, the tune makes the car so much more responsive and easier to drive around town. On highway too, since the car accelerate much quicker, which allows much easier lane change and passing.
Im in love with the tune. :thumbup:

what are you running your boost at 4.5? Do you have a 6MT?